Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time based coding - 2011 revision changes

.. Another major change has happened with "time based" coding for CPT. The introduction section of CPT now includes new guidelines for time measurement for those codes with a time basis for code selection. (i.e. critical care, standby, E&M etc)

  • Time is the face-to-face time with the patient

  • “Interpretation and report” in the code description is not intended to indicate that report writing is part of the reported time.

  • A unit of time is attained when the mid-point is passed. For example, an hour is attained when 31 minutes have elapsed (more than midway between zero and sixty minutes). A second hour is attained when a total of 91 minutes have elapsed.

  • For codes ranked in sequential typical times, when the actual time for the service falls between two typical times, the code with a typical time closest to the actual time is reported. (i.e. E&M when 38 minutes were spent, and the closest time is 35 minutes)

  • When another service (such as a procedure) is performed concurrently with a time based service, the time associated with the concurrent service should not be included in the time used for reporting the time based service.

  • Times for services measured in units other than days are considered continuous times even if the service extends into another calendar date.

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