Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick CPT 2012 Update to be on the look out for!

CPT 2012 Changes for Contraceptive Capsule insertion/removal Codes 

CPT 2012 deletes CPT code 11975 (Insertion, implantable contraceptive capsules) and deletes CPT code 11977 (Removal with reinsertion, implantable contraceptive capsules).
With the deletion of these two codes (11975 and 11977) coders should look to use  CPT Code  11981 (Insertion, non-biodegradable drug delivery implant) when the physician or provider inserts an Implanon™ brand for contraception,  For removal you will need to use code 11976 (Removal, implantable contraceptive capsules) 

Some patients still have Norplant™ brand systems that will need to be removed.  Put this info on your 'hot list' of changes...  I'm sure CPT has more changes in-store for us in 2012.  HAPPY CODING!

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