Saturday, January 7, 2012

5010 conversion... I've got a Webinar coming up

Hey - If you're interested, You are welcome to come see me in Person, or via Webinar... I've got a GREAT webinar coming up on January 11th regarding the conversion from 4010 to 5010.  It is geared toward those of us that are not "IT" people.  This webinar speaks to those of us that need to know the basics, and how to get our offices on track.  The conversion to 5010 is the first of many steps toward our implementation of ICD-10...  I hope to see you there! 

On January 12th - If ;you're in the Boise Area, you are personally invited to see me present at the AAPC Boise Chapter Meeting... I'll be speaking on the importance of Fetal Non-Stress Testing and it's clinical implications.  I'd love to see you there!!!  The info is on the AAPC site,

If you're really wanting a good time with lots of CEU's...  I'll be presenting at the AAPC National Convention in April 1-4,  2012  from Las Vegas, NV.    I'll be back again this year with my daVinci robotics presentation, and a new one on the Mysteries of OB Ultrasound coding...  We're gonna have a rockin' good time, so I really hope to see you there!


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