Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Conference 'season' Let's get learning!

IdHIMA Conference
We just closed up our IdHIMA conference held in Boise, yesterday afternoon. (March 16th)  ICD-10 has been a focus of our educational opportunities to learn, share and grow.  I am lucky enough to be a part of our new Idaho ICD-10 Collaborative efforts within the State of Idaho.  We had 2 amazing days of learning about EHR and implementation, ICD-10 and where we're going with the conversion, Clinical Data Management, Documentation and our integration with ICD-10 for Urology, Orthopedics, and Ultrasound w/Maternal Fetal Medicine (presented by yours-truly!)   Cheers to the Grove Hotel in Downtown Boise, they really went above and beyond. Cheers to our HIM students who were in attendance.  They truly are the future of our profession, and from what I saw over the last 2 days...  I think our profession will continue to grow and thrive with these up-and-comers! 

Idaho ICD-10 Collaborative
Our fearless ICD-10 Collaborative leaders, Kaelyn and Serena launched a new website that holds information regarding all of us on the collaborative, educational opportunities, ICD-10 contact information, and informational sites regarding ICD-10.  You can access the site at this link:

Under the collaborative, we will be launching a survey soon so we can get a grasp of who needs training, and what type of training they will need.  Even if you don't live in the State of Idaho, we want to outreach to those that live in states that border Idaho, as we know that there are many other facilities and providers and payers that will need this education too.  Please feel free to check out our site, and provide me/us feedback if you have thoughts or ideas that you would see beneficial on our site. 

AAPC National Conference
The next learning opportunity for me is the AAPC National Conference.  It will be held in LasVegas this year, (April 1 - 4th) and I'll be presenting again on the daVinci Robotics, and also on Maternal Fetal Ultrasound.   I hope that many of you can be there, but if not, I'll try and provide you with some of the great education that comes from participating with this wonderful group.  If you are there, I would love to meet you face to face.  We learn so much from each other and networking is such an important part of our work, careers and successes.

On the horizon....
I've got a couple of new articles coming out on regarding Medical Necessity and documentation.  Then I will be working closely with to present a Webinar that will be focused on OB Ancillary services such as Fetal Non-Stress Tests and Ultrasounds.   It's designed to help not only OB offices, but help primary care/general practitioners enhance OB care with patients through the use of ancillary fetal testing such as the Fetal Non-Stress Tests, Ultrasounds, and how to manage and bill for hospital rounds while the patient is being provided a complete 'ob package'.   We're looking at the middle of May to bring this out to you... so If you're interested, this can get you some GREAT information at a low cost that also will include CEU's...   I would LOVE to have you listen in and join me.  With what I can bring to you, you will easily have a HUGE return on your minimal webinar investment + your CEU's!

Anyway...  Back to the books....  and I'll be on the road again for the next few weeks.... but If you've got questions or comments, be sure to let me know, and I'm happy to help you out!!!


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