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Next up on my "Webinar Circuit" ICD-10pcs Training for Ultrasound...

AudioEducator and myself are happy to extend to you a $20.00 discount on the session..  This makes is only $177.00 for the training (what a DEAL!!!)  when you can have the entire group listen in for the same price and get the discount.  Use Promo Code  "Webb20" at checkout!  I hope to "hear you are there" ...  :)  Use the link below...  and I've included a pic of the flyer...

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Speaker: Lori-Lynne A. Webb
Live Webinar
 Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Time: 1 pm ET | 12 pm CT | 11 am MT | 10 am PT
Length: 60 minutes
Get Hands-on Coding and Documentation Strategies to Put In Place in Preparation for ICD-10 PCS
With the complete revamp of procedural coding in ICD-10 PCS, good clinical documentation helps to “tell the story”. ICD-10 PCS will provide a more complete clinical picture of patient care, reduce risk, and/or manage risk, in addition to providing a more complete picture of their medical/clinical rècords (HIPAA), and the entire coding/billing processes for reimbursement from 3rd pàrty payers and ìnsurance companies. Hence, becoming proficient in coding ICD-10 PCS is a priority, as the conversion deadline is fast approaching.

Join expert speaker Lori-Lynne A. Webb, in this 60-minute webinar to help you and your facility provide clear cut and accurate coding to substantiate  medical necessity and “proof” when claims are submitted to 3rd pàrty carriers (ìnsurance companies) for reimbursement.

This webinar will provide in depth clinical documentation strategies for facilities and Hospital based ultrasound techs and coders to put in place in preparation for the conversion to ICD-10 PCS. The concept behind this is to prepare staff and coders regarding the changes in ICD-10 PCS from ICD-9 Volume 3.

Lori-Lynne will also cover strategies to help providers document more clearly and concisely for the needs of ICD-10 PCS. The rationale behind this educatìon is to help the providers themselves be better prepared to document clearly, so their coders/billers/managers can more easily and successfully choose the correct ICD-10 PCS code and make the transition to ICD-10 PCS more seamless.

This is the nuts & bolts of what is encompassed within a patient vìsit to the facility for OB ultrasound and Gyn and Pelvic ultrasound. The vìsit can be long or short, but the documentation must “tell the story” of why the patient is seeking care, what is being evaluated, why it was evaluated, and the plan of care moving forward.
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Areas covered in the session:
·  Documenting clearly the “why” and in-depth detail of that care so that providers who view the rècord can understand what was done and why
·  Discussion on the providers’ documentation “proof” and “medical necessity” needed to bill 3rd pàrty payer’s for the patients’ vìsit with you
·  Correct usage of the ICD-10 PCS tables to “tell the story” of the ultrasound procedure and how it cross codes back to ICD-9 volume 3
·  AIUM documentation protocol guidelines for ICD-10 PCS
·  Good clinical documentation strategies for use in preparation for the ICD10 PCS changeover onOctober 1, 2015.
·  And more
Call us at 1-866-458-2965 and mention SOCAHC01
Get answers to your questions in a Q&A segment after the session
Speaker Bio:
Lori-Lynne A. Webb, CPC, CCS-P, CCP, CHDA, CDIP, COBGC, AHIMA approved ICD-10-CM/PCS traìner is an independent coding, compliance, and auditing specialist. She has 20+ years of multi-specialty coding experience and teaches coding, compliance, auditing and billing skills for clinical and clerical staff, utilizing AMA and AHIMA curriculum. She specializes in Women’s OB/GYN services, Maternal Fetal Ultrasound Services, Urology and General Surgical procedures, to include physicìan based and hospital based services. Read More

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