Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wrapping up 2015 - moving in to 2016...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!     We wrapped up 2015 in a nice tidy bow, and I haven't had the chance to get some of the info out on the blog.   

I have had 4 different articles published from HCPro, and a successful SOGH national conference, in addidtion to the implementation of ICD-10.   As a certified ICD-10 training, I have been hip-deep in education with the SOGH and AHIMA national organizations, Webinars for 2 major hospitals in Nevada and California, and getting my new website up and running ( I'm close... so very close)  , so I have been neglectful in getting the blog updated.  

So, with all of this, in the month of January, I will be "overloading" the blog with lots and lots of good information for all of you. 

If you missed it in October of 2015 -  here's the link for my "Live" webinar that you can purchase as an on-demand service entitled Unbundling the pregnancy package and managing ICD-10 changes...  It is good stuff!

If you want to catch me "live"  I have a Webinar on the 2016 update for OB/GYN...  January 21, for Audioeducator -  60 minutes and a GREAT price for all in your office....  (see link below.

In February 2016,   I have another webinar schedule with HCPro, on Compliance and documentation risks that were identified in 2015.  I can't wait!!!  so much is happening!!!  Stay Tuned..

Happy New Year and HAPPY CODING! 

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